I want to thank Alison for her incredible teachings, and for inspiring me personally and professionally. I now have a work-life balance I’ve never had in the 10 years I have been leading. I have never felt more connected within a region; importantly, I’ve never seen a team more connected with each other. Alison’s program has not only impacted me, but my team has also improved greatly, now taking accountability for their role. They are empowered and motivated. I no longer have a high turnover, in return, I have a line of Managers wanting to be the next Area Manager. If I could provide an essay on the benefits of Alison’s program, I would. It has truly changed my life and my motivation and engagement with Spendless. Thank you, Alison.

Ashleigh Lindsay
Regional Retail Leader ACT, NSW, VIC & TAS

Spendless Shoes

Finding your motivational triggers workshop has given me more insight into the areas I need to develop personally.

The workshop was thoroughly engaging and enjoyable. I always walk away from Alisons’ training session with so much to think about, and I always learn things I can implement and take action on easily.

Thanks for another great session, Alison. Your insights, passion and wealth of knowledge are inspiring.

Maria Silverii
Learning & Development Manager

Connections Group

I have had the pleasure of working with Alison. She is an inspiring person whose passion for leadership is evident in her unique ability to get the most out of you. Having Alison in my corner gave me the confidence to find the answers, tackle the challenges, establish a great team to get results and be a better leader.

Ali Elbouch
Metro Trains Melbourne

Alison helped me better understand why drives my people, which has helped me create a positive culture with increased engagement and motivation across my team.

I can help my team feel more in control of their workload and set up for success.

Amanda Evans
State Manager, Hype

Alison has given me the confidence and the belief in myself that I have earned my place at the leadership table. She has been super patient with guiding me along this journey.

I am super thankful that I have been lucky enough to use her time and energy as I know it has made me be a better leader and human-being.

Ashley Glass
Contiki Holidays

Alison was refreshing relatable, and as someone who has taken a course of hers before, it was great to see how she adapted content to fit my current role.

Sharna Vantarakis
State Manager, Sketchers

A refreshing approach to enabling open and honest conversations. Alison is very effective in building team culture and relationships.

Debbie Lee
General Manager of Women’s Football, Western Bulldogs AFLW

The Retail General & State Managers leadership program provided new and refreshed ways of being a better leader. No matter how many years in your Leadership role, you can still learn more.

Alison’s teachings are simple yet highly effective, and I learned so much each session. The program is a must for all leaders wanting to be successful!

Charmaine Suter
State Manager, Platypus

Alison has been my mentor for the last 18 months since staring my first leadership role. She has taught me how to think more strategically when forward planning to work on my business. We have worked on projects together such as implementing new and improved team structures, which resulted in great sales results and enhanced productivity. Being new to leadership, having Alison as a mentor really gave me the confidence to lead, through her helpful tools and techniques. She truly has helped me to be the leader I am today.

Amy Harrison
Contiki Holidays

Alison has been instrumental in developing my leadership skills and enhancing my business results. In 12 months I am a more confident and successful leader. My business has seen a 40% increase in profit and is now one of the top ten Flight Centre businesses in Victoria. She’s also been the catalyst to make some positive changes in my personal life. I’d highly recommend Alison to anyone wanting to further develop themselves and achieve better results.

Briony Thomas
Flight Centre Travel Group

The program taught me how to engage with my peers and create a support network I could lean on.
Learning about the key motivators that improve retention and engagement has given me a greater appreciation and understanding of my team.

I can now build a sense of community and encourage and mentor my team to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. I have more confidence in my ability to lead, express my own needs, and apply the skills I’ve learned in various roles.

Danielle McRorie
Area Manager, Sketchers

Alison provided me with skills surrounding time management, prioritising, planning and structuring conversations, understanding people’s behaviours and what impacts others.

Having these tools has provided me the confidence and ability to approach things within the business with a vastly different approach to achieve the results and desired outcomes.

Matt Stephens
Team Leader, All Green

I have enjoyed learning about different ways to get the best out of my team, and I have learned different ways to approach situations. Each session built on the previous one, which enabled me to implement concepts taught in each session.

I have learned that there is so much more to my job than what I was doing previously. I now have various tools to make sure I am using my time efficiently and can continue to develop my skill set.

Monica Milowski
Area Manager, The Athlete’s Foot

Alison is a remarkable leadership trainer and facilitator, from everyone in my team I wish to thank Alison for being more than a teacher to us all.

Alison was great in planting the seed and allowing the group to transition into a collaborative discussion pertaining to our business.

A great environment to contribute and explore ideas where trust and solidarity was embraced.

Leadership Group, Macquarie Telecom

The program has delivered powerful and immediate day to day changes and given both myself and my team a better understanding of the role and best practice for how it’s performed.
I understand the skillset and behavioural attributes to succeed in the role and how I can better support those making the transition from Store Manager to Area Managers.

Alison’s motivation to see leaders thrive in their field is obvious, genuine, and inspiring. My team and I will take some truly powerful learnings with us forever.

Laura Barrett
State Manager, The Athletes Foot

I always was able to go into a coaching session with Alison, knowing what we were going to achieve. I always walked from a session with clear goals and areas to focus on. This was then followed up in the next session to hold me accountability.

Working with Alison I was able to create a structure in my team that has led to a smoother way of working. I have been able to help my team become salespeople and not order takers leading to a 20% increase in revenue.

Taylah Scolaro
Team Leader, All Green

I had the pleasure of working with Alison as part of a 6 month ‘Retail General Managers and State Managers’ leadership program. Her passion for leadership and development is evident in all she does and her commitment to helping others become the best version of themselves is inspiring.

Not only has Alison provided the tools, strategies and techniques to develop our leadership skills and grown our business, she has shown tremendous compassion and understanding on a personal level which, in turn, paved the way to a wonderful culture shift of ‘people first, employees second.’

Our time with Alison was both beneficial and motivating and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Maria Silverii
Blue Illusion

I had the pleasure of working with Alison as part of a 6 month ‘Retail General Managers and State Managers’ leadership program. Her passion for leadership and development is evident in all she does and her commitment to helping others become the best version of themselves is inspiring.
Not only has Alison provided the tools, strategies and techniques to develop our leadership skills and grown our business, she has shown tremendous compassion and understanding on a personal level which, in turn, paved the way to a wonderful culture shift of ‘people first, employees second’.

Our time with Alison was both beneficial and motivating and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Kyla Smith
The Pancake Parlour

Alison’s knowledge and experience radiated through her training. The entire group walked away from her sessions feeling confident towards our roles. Alison provided a professional nurturing open room for everyone to be actively involved. The most informative training session I have attended in my 17 years of Retail, I walked away looking at my business from another angle.

Communication, Personality type and Control and influence were major learnings for me that I have implemented straight into my business, which has had immediate effect.

Phillip Macintyre
Regional Leader NSW & ACT

Being a new Area Manager, I used The Ultimate Area Leader program to help me build my ‘style’ and find what I was comfortable with and what worked for me.
The Ultimate Area Leader program was the perfect balance of being hands-on, giving direct feedback on situations, and trying new things.

I can now focus on the crucial day-to-day requirements and spend less time on things that aren’t relevant. My store visits are more productive and impactful. I head into stores with a plan, execute and feel much more worthwhile and relevant as an Area Manager.

Toby Plant
Area Manager, The Athletes Foot Vic/Tas

Working with Alison, I have learnt key fundamentals of being a great leader.
I have gained a high level of confidence in my leadership which allows me not to second guess myself as much as I used to.
I always leave any coaching session with a sense of clarity of what my next objectives are to work on and know that there will be some accountability towards this in the session.

Our business has been able to increase profitability year on year since working you. On a personal note I have been able to work my way through being in the business to working on the business which allows me the time to do things I was never able to do previously.

Samuel Fragapane
General Manager, All Green

Having recently restructured our entire retail business we engaged Alison’s talents to deliver a comprehensive leadership development course designed not only to fast track through the change but to future proof the success of our business and its people. Covering areas such as creating positive working environments by better understanding our people and their needs to achieve maximised success, effective coaching models to create ownership of personal and business development as well as strategic planning methods to see our businesses operating proactively and ahead of the game.
I know I personally took a lot from Alison’s teachings and could not wait to get back into my own business to pass on the learnings to my leadership team. Thank you Alison, your passion and knowledge shared are greatly appreciated!

Matt Rogers
State Leader, Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia

The Leadership Circle, as part of The Connected Executive coaching program provided me with the opportunity to learn a lot about myself. It was valuable to receive honest and authentic feedback particularly on areas for development.
Alison’s coaching helped to bring everything together and help me understand how my personality and leadership traits interact with my peers and my boss. Whilst it is essential that the student prepares and drives the discussion, Alison has been fantastic at guiding the conversation and getting me to think about different tools to use or focus on in different situations. I’ve also gained valuable insight and knowledge in looking at situations differently.

I am now more aware of how I interact with others, and I can tailor my style or interactions with others based on their style.

Jason Brettell
Project Director, Dennis Family Corporation

Upon first hearing about Alison’s Area Leadership program I was excited about the possibilities it presented to Kennards Hire and Alison’s program did not disappoint. It is rare that you have the opportunity to partner with someone who has performed a role, led people in the same role and now develops people in the role.

We have many experienced Area Managers in our business, and the Area Leadership program has allowed us to create a shared way of working that elevates the impact of leadership in our business as a collective.

The areas where we have seen this include greater structure in how our Area Managers think about and plan their time, balancing working on and in their business. They are maximising branch visits with greater purpose and holding regular planned area meetings – technology is helping with this, with a number of branches in remote locations. As a result of this, Branch Manager engagement and support has improved through regular / structured communication, time efficiencies have been gained through less reactive work, and Area Manager relationships within states/NZ and across the business is the strongest it has been.

Sally Craig
Kennards Hire

The Essential Guide for Area Leaders in Retail is a great resource. It was easy to read and kept me engaged right to the end; even with ten years in my role, it has provided me with new tools and ideas to better plan my time and engage with my team. The guide provides clear strategies to help Area Leaders understand their managers’ needs and create a better structure for branch visits to maximise time together. As a result of implementing the strategies in the book, including planned monthly meetings and sharing my 90-day plan, my branch managers are more informed and engaged, which is reflected in the improved financial performance of my teams.

Sean Brown,
Area Manager, Kennards Hire

I can’t thank you enough for such an inspiring and mind-blowing book! This has changed my world and today was the first day I went to work and didn’t feel like I was spinning plates and I didn’t come home feeling exhausted. And my laptop sat there not opened since clock off at 5:30pm and I felt ok about it! Thank you so much again!! I wish there was one of these magic books for store managers that I could buy for all my managers to read!!!!

Christina Maxwell,
Area Manager, Athlete’s Foot

The Essential Guide for Area Leaders in Retail offers strategies to help with time management, dealing with diverse leadership styles, holding effective meetings, culture building, team engagement and succession planning. Since reading the book, I have implemented regular and structured one-on-one team meetings, which has helped create an environment of clear communication and expectations. I recommend the book to Area Managers; filled with helpful insights and opportunities.

Peter Luczak,
Area Manager, Kennards Hire

A fantastic book of leadership, one that I was privileged to learn from in real time. If you are a leader in multi site retail, or plan on implementing leadership strategies within a team, or want to be a leader, buy this book!

Paul Pearman

The book is very complementary to Area Managers early in their development. Thanks for providing a great resource.

Daniel Logan,
State Manager, Sanity

There is no one I know that is more qualified, experienced and successful when it comes to working with retail teams than Alison. Her book is a must read for anyone who is leading retail teams particularly as they work their way out of a very challenging 2020.

Donna McGeorge

The Essential Guide for Area Leaders in Retail has helped our Area Managers become more passionate about how they run their businesses and what they focus on, improving our retention and revenue. I would recommend the book as a tool for retailers, whether they have been in the game for one year or ten. The environment is always changing, but the one consistent is people and humanity – and this book succeeds at both.

Ty Fendon, Queensland State Manager
The Accent Group

The Essential Guide for Area Leaders in Retail is a great read from start to finish, and it’s the book I wish I had when I first transitioned to Area Manager. The book has helped me better plan my branch meetings to ensure meaningful time with the Branch Manager and has helped me get to know all of my team on a much more personal level. As a result of the book, I’ve improved how I identify potential leaders and key positions in the business for succession planning.

James Kumar, Area Manager
Kennards Hire