In-House Leadership Programs

Retailers are experiencing unprecedented challenges right now and are required to manage complex business and people issues. These may include environmental issues caused by teams working remotely and feeling disconnected as well as strategic issues such as leasing, business and strategy planning, managing decisions for the now as well as longer term.

With over twenty five years experience working with Australia’s leading retailers- including growing Flight Centre’s yearly profit from $18 million to $49 million – I am a passionate advocate of the role of retail leadership across the sector – it is critical to a retailer’s success. My programs, tailored for the unique opportunities and challenges of retail leadership, share the tools and strategies to be more effective in a leadership role to deliver better results.

Retail Area Leaders

Area Leaders are the backbone of retail, but may not be achieving the revenue or results that their hard work should reflect. As support staff are reduced and training budgets squeezed, Area Leaders shoulder more responsibility than ever before while under pressure to achieve their expected budgets. They work longer and longer hours to keep everything on track, creating burn out and resulting in unnecessary and costly Area Leader turnover.

My programs provide Area Leaders with the toolkit, strategies, and support needed to enable their success and reward their hard work.

Retail General and State Managers

Retail General and State Managers provide a window to a company’s goals and values, set the tone for expectations and lift engagement by driving a smoothly functioning, high performing team. Unfortunately, all too often their unique and significant role is not supported by effective training, with many General and State Managers expected to hit the ground running with little guidance.

Alison Crabb Consulting creates tailored, personalised programs to support General and State Managers to fulfil their potential and guide their teams to achieve significant results.

Retail Leadership Executive Teams

Engaging, motivating and inspiring a workforce is both a science and an art and requires executive teams to align to a goal and work cohesively to achieve more. This requires each individual leader to further develop their own leadership attributes as well as having clear and unambiguous understandings of both their own leadership style as well as their executive colleagues.

Retaining and engaging great employees, allowing seamless succession planning and harnessing the power of people are elements of a thriving organisational culture. This relies on the executive team providing an environment where people are motivated, engaged and committed to the vision and goals of the organisation.

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