Book Reviews

The Essential Guide for Area Leaders in Retail is a great resource. It was easy to read and kept me engaged right to the end; even with ten years in my role, it has provided me with new tools and ideas to better plan my time and engage with my team. The guide provides clear strategies to help Area Leaders understand their managers’ needs and create a better structure for branch visits to maximise time together. As a result of implementing the strategies in the book, including planned monthly meetings and sharing my 90-day plan, my branch managers are more informed and engaged, which is reflected in the improved financial performance of my teams.

Sean Brown,
Area Manager, Kennards Hire

I can’t thank you enough for such an inspiring and mind-blowing book! This has changed my world and today was the first day I went to work and didn’t feel like I was spinning plates and I didn’t come home feeling exhausted. And my laptop sat there not opened since clock off at 5:30pm and I felt ok about it! Thank you so much again!! I wish there was one of these magic books for store managers that I could buy for all my managers to read!!!!

Christina Maxwell,
Area Manager, Athlete’s Foot

The Essential Guide for Area Leaders in Retail offers strategies to help with time management, dealing with diverse leadership styles, holding effective meetings, culture building, team engagement and succession planning. Since reading the book, I have implemented regular and structured one-on-one team meetings, which has helped create an environment of clear communication and expectations. I recommend the book to Area Managers; filled with helpful insights and opportunities.

Peter Luczak,
Area Manager, Kennards Hire

A fantastic book of leadership, one that I was privileged to learn from in real time. If you are a leader in multi site retail, or plan on implementing leadership strategies within a team, or want to be a leader, buy this book!

Paul Pearman

The book is very complementary to Area Managers early in their development. Thanks for providing a great resource.

Daniel Logan,
State Manager, Sanity

There is no one I know that is more qualified, experienced and successful when it comes to working with retail teams than Alison. Her book is a must read for anyone who is leading retail teams particularly as they work their way out of a very challenging 2020.

Donna McGeorge

The Essential Guide for Area Leaders in Retail has helped our Area Managers become more passionate about how they run their businesses and what they focus on, improving our retention and revenue. I would recommend the book as a tool for retailers, whether they have been in the game for one year or ten. The environment is always changing, but the one consistent is people and humanity – and this book succeeds at both.

Ty Fendon, Queensland State Manager
The Accent Group

The Essential Guide for Area Leaders in Retail is a great read from start to finish, and it’s the book I wish I had when I first transitioned to Area Manager. The book has helped me better plan my branch meetings to ensure meaningful time with the Branch Manager and has helped me get to know all of my team on a much more personal level. As a result of the book, I’ve improved how I identify potential leaders and key positions in the business for succession planning.

James Kumar, Area Manager
Kennards Hire