Retail Leadership Executive Teams

Leadership Executive Teams
Reset & Refocus

If 2022 showed business leaders anything, it’s that a good product and/or service will only get you so far. If you want sustainable growth, you need to have a plan, build the right team around you and have the right structures and systems in place.

Typically some of the challenges executive leadership teams face are:

  • misalignment between the executive team and the business strategy
  • the members of the leadership teamwork in “silos”, unaware of the other elements of the business and how their departments impact business results
  • have technical experts in the team but needing to improve how they lead their people
  • not having a sustainable plan in place to grow the business
  • uncertain they can get their work done without working harder and, longer hours
  • frustrations that they can’t get their team members to step up take responsibility for the day-to-day and share the load without needing to be micromanaged

This program is designed for leadership teams who:

  • need to reset and refocus and create a plan to grow
  • want their team to work cohesively towards common goals
  • want to improve how they collaborate with other areas of the business
  • engage their team to grow with the business

What you can expect to achieve:

The reset and refocus program combines a series of planning sessions, group coaching and stakeholder meetings with a focus on:

  • the need for self-leadership at a senior level
  • creating a high-performance environment in which people thrive
  • communication systems that create and promote ownership and accountability
  • designing a plan for your business that includes a shared vision and goals

What my clients say

Alison is a remarkable leadership trainer and facilitator, from everyone in my team I wish to thank Alison for being more than a teacher to us all.

Alison was great in planting the seed and allowing the group to transition into a collaborative discussion pertaining to our business.

A great environment to contribute and explore ideas where trust and solidarity was embraced.

Leadership Group, Macquarie Telecom
A refreshing approach to enabling open and honest conversations.

Alison is very effective in building team culture and relationships.

Debbie Lee | General Manager of Women’s Football, Western Bulldogs AFLW

Alison supports the business on multiple levels. As HR Manager, I really value having an objective perspective on some of the challenges we’ve faced over an extremely tough period. Alison has worked with us extensively on senior leader performance. We have an open and honest working relationship that I truly value.

Alison is an empathetic, inspirational leader who has assisted us in working towards a team-first culture. I look forward to continuing this journey together next year.

Kyla Smith | HR Manager, The Pancake Parlour

Investing in your leadership team is a powerful way to meet your leadership priorities for 2022 and beyond, as well as the broader retail targets and goals.

Alison Crabb

About Alison

I am the Founder and Principal of Alison Crabb Consulting, and I have worked with some of Australia’s most recognised and successful organisations for more than twenty-five years. Through building a culture of excellence and continual improvement, under my leadership, my division delivered the Flight Centre Travel Group’s highest profit globally for eight consecutive years.

Working with me really does mean working with me. I personally facilitate all sessions, which allows me to observe each participant’s development and provide specific ongoing feedback and support. I use my knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver proven, high-quality transformational training. No components of my programs are outsourced.

‘If you keep doing what you have always done,
you’ll keep getting the same results.’