Retail General & State Managers

The Empowered State Manager

Chief Executive Officers, General Managers, State Managers and Chief HR Officers face the following largely universal challenges:

  • the ever-changing retail landscape
  • the speed of evolution of customer demands
  • keeping staff up to speed with training, customer service and product knowledge as technology and logistics rapidly shift
  • having all their support teams on the same page, aligned to the same goal
  • ensuring their Area Leaders are focused on the right things and thus are performing and meeting expectations
  • attracting and identifying talent, succession planning
  • managing costs of store operations and stock.

Alison Crabb Consulting personalised programs support General Managers to fulfil their potential and guide their teams to achieve significant results.

Alison Crabb

The Empowered State Manager

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Leadership programs support General Managers & State Managers to:

  • plan and manage their time effectively
  • identify their key priorities and strategies, including their people, their stores, and their sales growth
  • increase the retention and longevity of their Area Leaders and support teams, equipping them with the skills for success
  • align and focus their support teams, so they are working towards the same goals
  • increase their ability to lead with influence, including the art of coaching and questioning, having meetings that matter and building a bulletproof succession plan
  • reduce the number of “people issues” that the HR team needs to resolve when they should be being dealt with by Area Leaders
  • make the smooth transition from Area Leader to General Manager and State Manager successful for those with the potential for advancement

What the Empowered State Manager program provides:

The Empowered State Manager program uses a combination of:

  • workshops
  • masterclasses
  • one on one coaching
  • group coaching circles

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What my clients say

I want to thank Alison for her incredible teachings, and for inspiring me personally and professionally. I now have a work-life balance I’ve never had in the 10 years I have been leading. I have never felt more connected within a region; importantly, I’ve never seen a team more connected with each other. Alison’s program has not only impacted me, but my team has also improved greatly, now taking accountability for their role. They are empowered and motivated. I no longer have a high turnover, in return, I have a line of Managers wanting to be the next Area Manager. If I could provide an essay on the benefits of Alison’s program, I would. It has truly changed my life and my motivation and engagement with Spendless. Thank you, Alison.
Ashlgh Lindsayei | Regional Retail Leader ACT, NSW, VIC & TAS, Spendless Shoes

Having recently restructured our entire retail business we engaged Alison’s talents to deliver a comprehensive leadership development course designed not only to fast track through the change but to future proof the success of our business and its people. Covering areas such as creating positive working environments by better understanding our people and their needs to achieve maximised success, effective coaching models to create ownership of personal and business development as well as strategic planning methods to see our businesses operating proactively and ahead of the game.

I know I personally took a lot from Alison’s teachings and could not wait to get back into my own business to pass on the learnings to my leadership team. Thank you Alison, your passion and knowledge shared are greatly appreciated!

Matt Rogers | State Leader, Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia
The program has delivered powerful and immediate day to day changes and given both myself and my team a better understanding of the role and best practice for how it’s performed.

I understand the skillset and behavioural attributes to succeed in the role and how I can better support those making the transition from Store Manager to Area Managers.

Alison’s motivation to see leaders thrive in their field is obvious, genuine, and inspiring. My team and I will take some truly powerful learnings with us forever.

Laura Barrett | State Manager, The Athletes Foot
The Retail General & State Managers leadership program provided new and refreshed ways of being a better leader. No matter how many years in your Leadership role, you can still learn more.

Alison’s teachings are simple yet highly effective, and I learned so much each session. The program is a must for all leaders wanting to be successful!

Charmaine Suter | State Manager, Platypus
Alison helped me better understand why drives my people, which has helped me create a positive culture with increased engagement and motivation across my team.

I can help my team feel more in control of their workload and set up for success.

Amanda Evans | State Manager, Hype
Alison was refreshing relatable, and as someone who has taken a course of hers before, it was great to see how she adapted content to fit my current role.
Sharna Vantarakis | State Manager, Sketchers

Investing in your State Managers builds the skills they need to make a difference to your results. I would love to hear more about your leadership priorities for 2022 and beyond.

Alison Crabb

About Alison

I am the Founder and Principal of Alison Crabb Consulting, and I have worked with some of Australia’s most recognised and successful organisations for more than twenty-five years. Through building a culture of excellence and continual improvement, under my leadership, my division delivered the Flight Centre Travel Group’s highest profit globally for eight consecutive years.

Working with me really does mean working with me. I personally facilitate all sessions, which allows me to observe each participant’s development and provide specific ongoing feedback and support. I use my knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver proven, high-quality transformational training. No components of my programs are outsourced.

‘If you keep doing what you have always done,
you’ll keep getting the same results.’