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I have over 25 years of experience as a retail leader.

I am an engaging and popular speaker whose presentations are aimed at retail leaders and their teams.

It is a belief of mine that a leadership role in retail can be the greatest job in the world when done well. It’s about getting the simple things right, being consistent and prioritising how you spend your time.

I am known as the ‘Retail Leadership Expert’. I deliver engaging workshops and conference presentations that are thought-provoking, practical, and proven to help leaders have more impact in their roles. A variety of engaging workshop topics include:

  • Understanding your team’s motivational triggers
  • How to plan, deliver and follow up on impactful store visits
  • How to prioritise and manage your time
  • Building a bulletproof succession plan
  • Developing your future leaders.

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What my clients say

Alison has presented at our Chief Customer Officer Forum and the case studies she shared resonated very well with the audience. She was able to distill key lessons from her experience as a leader at Flight Centre and draw out the lessons for others in what drove the success of that business.
David Jaffee, Limebridge

Recent Podcast

I was thrilled to be a guest on the Made for More podcast with my good friend Ally Nitschke. We had a great conversation about leadership and careers in retail, and I shared my insights into:

  • The power of delegation
  • How to lead with influence
  • Transitioning from Store Manager to Area Leader.

You’ll also get my top five tips for Retail Leaders!

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Alison Crabb

About Alison

I am the Founder and Principal of Alison Crabb Consulting, and I have worked with some of Australia’s most recognised and successful organisations for more than twenty-five years. Through building a culture of excellence and continual improvement, under my leadership, my division delivered the Flight Centre Travel Group’s highest profit globally for eight consecutive years.

Working with me really does mean working with me. I personally facilitate all sessions, which allows me to observe each participant’s development and provide specific ongoing feedback and support. I use my knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver proven, high-quality transformational training. No components of my programs are outsourced.

‘If you keep doing what you have always done,
you’ll keep getting the same results.’