The Connected Executive

Are you an executive leader who is:

  • juggling long-term strategic plans while focusing on the best decisions for the here and now?
  • working hard to keep your people connected, productive and engaged?
  • needing to make unpopular business decisions while keeping your team on board?
  • working so hard you are at risk of burning yourself out and burning out the members of your team?
  • afraid of losing your best people to an ’employee’s market’ in which opportunities for career growth lure them elsewhere?

Today’s executives are required to navigate constant changes and demands, and to understand that fresh eyes and new questions are needed to create new solutions. Many senior leaders and executives are realising that 2021 was the beginning of long-term changes in the way we work.

Senior leaders and executives are under increased pressure to make strategic decisions which, while possibly unpopular in the short-term, can result in providing an environment in which their people feel valued, empowered and engaged.

Achieve results.
Lead a culture of team success.

The Connected Executive Leader Indicator

The Connected Executive

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The Positional Leader

People led by this type of leader will only do what is required of them. The main focus of the Positional Leader is building relationships with the people whom they lead and not the delivery of a plan or the achievement of results.

The Visionary Leader

People follow Visionary Leaders because they want to. By creating a compelling vision, goal and plan, this leader motivates people to implement that plan.

The Insightful Leader

The priority for this type of leader is building solid relationships with the individuals being led, by getting to know them, building trust, and creating connection. This approach is similar to that of the Positional Leader in building relationships – but the relationships built are more insightful, supportive and, ultimately, productive.

The Developer Leader

The role of any leader is to develop more leaders. The focus of a leader who is a Developer is to teach, empower and make a positive impact on others. A Developer supports people to achieve their goals within their employment and in life.

The Connected Leader

Creation of a positive environment by this type of leader elevates levels of trust in the workplace. Teamwork is strong, loyalty strengthens and performance increases. As a Connected Leader, you will achieve outstanding results, feel proud of what you have achieved and proud of the impact you have had on the people you lead.

Becoming a leader of the future means humanising your leadership skills and focus, to craft a connected team whose members all lead with purpose. Crucial skills for a leader who has a humanised leadership focus are balancing strategic objectives and building environments in which people can thrive.

It’s time to become a Connected Executive!

The Connected Executive coaching program will help you to:

  • gain clear direction for your leadership priorities and focus on them
  • understand your leadership style and how you can use it to lead more effectively
  • create foundations for sustainable high performance for yourself and your team
  • create alignment across your leadership team
  • have impact on team performance without feeling the need to micro-manage
  • have greater influence on the achievement of results.

The Environment

When employees are asked what they love about their jobs, their answers usually relate to the workplace environment, but this important aspect is often neglected by business executives and leaders. To ensure that people love their jobs and your leadership, it makes good business sense for you to create an environment in which people are connected, feel valued and appreciated, and strive to achieve results.

The Strategy

A business strategy will include strategic goals and plans, focused on crucial milestones and pillars for achieving the results desired for the business. When leaders feel ownership and buy into the strategy and its implementation, they will be more accountable for delivery of the strategy and what that achieves.


Recognising that results depend on the environment you create and the strategies you implement is an important aspect of the role of every leader.

The Connected Executive coaching program includes:

  • one (1) session to clearly establish the outcomes that it is important for you to achieve
  • facilitation of The Leadership Circle 360° process, including an individual custom-prepared folder containing a personal report
  • a two-hour coaching session to explain your report and develop an action plan personalised to you
  • six (6) one-on-one coaching sessions to help you implement your plan
  • a list of recommended reading, containing books and articles/videos to support your goals
  • unlimited access to myself during your involvement in the program
  • one (1) strategy and review session scheduled three months after your completion of the program.

The Leadership Circle is widely acclaimed as the most comprehensive leadership assessment tool available.
Outstanding leadership is a complex mix of competency and inner states of being. The Leadership Circle is the first competency tool to measure both the inner and outer aspects of leadership. As a tool it is organised into a powerful system for understanding human behaviour and how this behaviour impacts leadership.

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What my clients say

The Leadership Circle, as part of The Connected Executive coaching program provided me with the opportunity to learn a lot about myself. It was valuable to receive honest and authentic feedback particularly on areas for development.

Alison’s coaching helped to bring everything together and help me understand how my personality and leadership traits interact with my peers and my boss. Whilst it is essential that the student prepares and drives the discussion, Alison has been fantastic at guiding the conversation and getting me to think about different tools to use or focus on in different situations. I’ve also gained valuable insight and knowledge in looking at situations differently.

I am now more aware of how I interact with others, and I can tailor my style or interactions with others based on their style.

Jason Brettell | Project Director, Dennis Family Corporation
I have had the pleasure of working with Alison. She is an inspiring person whose passion for leadership is evident in her unique ability to get the most out of you. Having Alison in my corner gave me the confidence to find the answers, tackle the challenges, establish a great team to get results and be a better leader.
Ali Elbouch, Metro Trains Melbourne
Working with Alison, I have learnt key fundamentals of being a great leader.

I have gained a high level of confidence in my leadership which allows me not to second guess myself as much as I used to.
I always leave any coaching session with a sense of clarity of what my next objectives are to work on and know that there will be some accountability towards this in the session.

Our business has been able to increase profitability year on year since working you. On a personal note I have been able to work my way through being in the business to working on the business which allows me the time to do things I was never able to do previously.

Samuel Fragapane | General Manager, All Green

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Alison Crabb

About Alison

I am the Founder and Principal of Alison Crabb Consulting, and I have worked with some of Australia’s most recognised and successful organisations for more than twenty-five years. Through building a culture of excellence and continual improvement, under my leadership, my division delivered the Flight Centre Travel Group’s highest profit globally for eight consecutive years.

Working with me really does mean working with me. I personally facilitate all sessions, which allows me to observe each participant’s development and provide specific ongoing feedback and support. I use my knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver proven, high-quality transformational training. No components of my programs are outsourced.

‘If you keep doing what you have always done,
you’ll keep getting the same results.’