Last month I returned from a fabulous four weeks travelling through Italy, Spain, and Malta. I have travelled to these destinations before, but this time Shane and I went with our best friends, who had never been to Europe. Seeing these destinations through their eyes was a wonderful experience. The highlight was our time in Portofino, an unforgettable place we plan to return to.

This holiday took a lot of careful planning, and it reminded me of training and conferences for the year ahead!

Training and workshop opportunities

We know targeted leadership training is an investment in your business, and in a competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is essential. Providing regular training opportunities sends a powerful message to your retail leaders that you value their growth and development. Some of the workshops I deliver include:

  • How to plan, deliver and follow up retail store visits with impact
  • Building a bulletproof retention and succession plan in retail
  • How to prioritise and manage your time.

Engaged people are more likely to feel motivated, perform at their best, and remain loyal. Investing in their development creates a positive work culture that fosters long-term success.

Conference opportunities

Are you running a conference this year or in 2024?

There is much change happening in the retail landscape, which has a huge impact on your retail leaders. Some of the topics I talk about are:

  • Human Connection at Work
  • The attributes of empowering retail leadership
  • Understanding your teams’ motivational triggers.

Investing in ways that will have an impact is crucial and, with so many competing priorities, it can take a lot of work to carve out time for planning and organising training for the year ahead so it’s important it delivers.

If you are considering conducting any retail conferences please get in touch, as I only have about 18 days available for the rest of 2023.

If you are planning ahead, I’d love to help you with your retail conferences for 2024 – it’s always great to get another perspective… whether in work or travel! Let’s chat about your future events.


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