During my 25 years at Flight Centre, the end of the financial year was always the most exciting.

As a culture that thrived on reward and recognition, everyone was focused on taking out various awards and enjoying the thrill of being recognised for our achievements up on stage in front of all our peers.

It was also a time that meant having one eye on finishing the EOFY strongly while keeping the other eye on having a clear plan for success for the year ahead.

As we approach this new financial year, the time to reflect and reset is more important than ever.

The KPMG Australian Retail Outlook for 2021 reported that this year might be even more challenging than last for retailers. It noted: “The pressure on retailers to remain relevant in the eyes of the consumer has never been stronger.”

When you created your strategy for this year, you probably didn’t have a clear idea of how 2021 was going to pan out.

In the post-Covid landscape, leaders have experienced:

  • Being caught up in the day-to-day of running and having to work even longer hours to get the job done
  • Reduction in people numbers and now having to wear more hats to fill gaps
  • Staffing and leadership changes
  • Not having a sustainable road map to bounce back
  • Unpredictable conditions – some of the objectives you set may no longer be relevant.

Reset and refocus your goals and plans.

This is the time to take a step back, reflect on what you want your business to achieve and develop a sustainable plan. It is also essential that you have a team around you who are motivated, engaged in your business and invested in its success. However, you mark the EOFY, make sure it includes time to engage with your team and refocus your business.

Strategy for success quote


Could your business benefit from the Reset and Refocus program to:

  • Get the right systems and structures in place
  • Engage your team to help you grow
  • Find a sustainable growth model
  • Spend more time working on your business and not in the day-to-day

I designed the Reset and Refocus program to help you:

  • Have a living, breathing plan for your business that includes a vision and goals
  • Create a sustainable high-performance environment for you and your team
  • Set up communication systems that create ownership and accountability
  • Have someone look at your business with fresh eyes.

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