An effective STRATEGY

Environment is at the top of that list because I believe that having a great environment trumps strategy every time and here’s why…

Throughout my career, I seemed to take on leadership roles that required turning around underperforming teams.

When results were poor, this would often indicate that there were issues with the environment. 

When I talk about the environment, I mean the sweet spot between how employees feel about the organisation (and where it’s going) and how they feel about their leader. It’s a blend of the day-to-day employee experience and the bigger picture of the organisation and its vision. 

In poor environments, I would often see key signs such as low engagement and ownership, low productivity, high turnover amongst staff and a lot of internal politics.

I would find that low engagement was often a result of poor communication amongst team members.

Creating connection is key

When working with a new team, I would start by getting to know each member of my team and getting my team members to know each other and build a sense of connection. This was often done off-site and away from the office. Creating space for people to get to know each other and find common ground can quickly change the environment.

Performance pyramid modelA great environment and great people is what builds a great culture.

When you have a great environment and a great strategy, people feel engaged.

When you have a great environment and a great strategy with great people, productivity is high.

To achieve great results, it takes all three working together.

I have always been amazed at how quickly the environment can change and improve when human connection was built.

Working with teams starts with remembering that each individual in your team is a human first and an employee second.  The more we can build human connection, the quicker we can build teams and create an environment that people want to be a part of.

Creating environments that deliver results is a core pillar of all my Leadership Programs. If you’d like to talk about how my leadership development and coaching programs can help you and your people, schedule a consultation call with me here.


Alison Crabb Retail Leadership Expert

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